Coinbase close to listing SEC-regulated crypto securities


Asiff Hirji, president & COO at Coinbase announced the possibility of Coinbase becoming a fully regulated broker-dealer, pending approval by federal authorities. After its recent announcement of the Coinbase suite of institutional products, the intention of the move is clear, i.e., Coinbase will soon be a major force to reckon in the cryptocurrency space and probably be like Goldman Sachs of 21st century. The Goldman Sachs comment is because of the following comment in the blog

Ultimately, we can envision a world where we may even work with regulators to tokenize existing types of securities, bringing to this space the benefits of cryptocurrency-based markets — like 24/7 trading, real-time settlement, and chain-of-title. We believe this will democratize access to capital markets for companies and investors alike, lowering costs for all participants and bringing additional transparency and inclusion to the ecosystem.”

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