Golem releases brass beta 0.16.0

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 19.49.46Golem which is a peer-to-peer network for trading computing power has updated the brass beta. The important update with this version is that the cryptography behind the signing and serializing of messages has been changed and thus nodes running on previous beta version’s will not be able to trade tasks with the updated version. Besides that it introduces new exciting features for requestors:

  • Requestors can now define the minimal performance of the providers’ machines. For example, this can be used to ensure their task will be computed only on machines that are stronger than their own ones.
  • Requestors can now set a different number of samples per pixel than the one that is set by default in the scene, from within the Golem interface.

Detailed changelog sourced from the blog:


  • Different, optimized cryptographic methods for message signing and serializing
  • New additional settings for choosing providers based on their performance
  • Updated Terms of Use
  • Possibility to define the number of samples per pixel in Blender scenes
  • Improved verification metrics for comparing images
  • More friendly CLI options results, eg. “golemcli res show” or “golemcli task subtasks”
  • Modified runtime environment configurations
  • GNT is converted to GNTB as soon as possible: in previous versions, GNT was automatically converted to GNTB when it was necessary, Ie. when a user was trying to add a new task. From now on, we’ll be doing the conversion earlier, right when we have enough ETH to cover the gas price.
  • Bugfixes & optimizations


  • Minimal performance setting added
  • Lock Fund information added
  • New Footer
  • Malicious Node blocking system implemented
  • Terms and privacy policy updated
  • Bugfixes, UI & UX improvements


  • Concent enabled by default on Testnet
  • React to ForceSubtaskResults
  • React to SubtaksResultSettled
  • React to AckSubtaskResultVerify

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