Swiss city Zug to conduct its first blockchain based voting

Zug which is home to much high profile blockchain based companies (Shapeshift, Lisk etc.), thanks to its tax-free policy for crypto investors, will be conducting its first blockchain based consultative vote in two weeks time. The voting will be mobile based and done through the issued blockchain based digital id which was introduced on 15 November 2017. Since this vote is for consultative purpose thus the voting is not legally binding like referendums.

The following questions await the voters:

1. Do you think it’s good that a fireworks display lights up every year at the Zuger Seefest? (Yes / No)

2. Do you experience the process of voting with Digital ID as simple? (Yes / No)

3. Currently various applications of the digital ID are being evaluated. Which of the following applications would you like to pursue? (one answer possible):
a) Lending books in the library using a digital ID
b) Payment of parking fees by digital ID or entrance / exit in urban parking garages
c) Borrowing city bikes to different places in the city
d) Connection to ZUG-LOGIN or submission of the electronic tax return
e) Regular referendums

Blockchain voting has been gaining traction recently, for instance, Santander used this tech for voting by its shareholder’s in AGM held in May, and Sierra Leone held its first presidential election on March 7.

However, a blockchain based election should be treaded with cautioun as the technology is still in its infancy and thus should be avoided where the risk of this tech going wrong can be huge especially in scenarios of national importance.

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