Kyber network introduces token-to-token swap

Buying a token from a ERC-20 decentralized exchange is still not seamless. Anybody buying token through ERC-20 decentralized exchanges has to first wrap ETH and then convert to the respective token. Besides this token can’t be directly converted to other ERC-20 compliant token without first converting to ETH. For instance, if a user wants to buy Request Network (REQ) token, the user will first have to Wrap ETH and then buy REQ token with the wrapped ETH. Besides if a user wants to convert the REQ token to some other ERC-20 compliant token like Kyber network (KNC) the user will have to first convert REQ to ETH and then repeat the whole process. To rectify this issue Kyber network has introduced token-to-token swap in its new upgrade. So no wrapping ETH or converting existing non ETH token to ETH for buying another token. The user can simply swap REQ to KNC directly. The upgrade has definitely reduced the headaches for trading token, though the cost-effectiveness of this upgrade is still not quantified by Kyber network.

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